Lexus LFA Successor Confirmed: Take Two, Action!

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Toyota and sports cars are two things that do not mix well but we can’t say the same for Toyota’s luxury arm, Lexus. The upmarket-focussed company is unlike Toyota at all because most vehicles it produced are actually exciting.

Lexus is also active when it comes to offering performance-tuned vehicles and this is evident with the LC. If you are to go back to 2013, there was the LFA which ended up being the most expansive vehicle in Toyota’s history.

The only unfortunate thing is that the LFA didn’t manage to make a huge name in the supercar scene and this is something which Lexus wants to change in the near future.

The company revealed earlier today that they are considering bringing back the LFA through a new generation model and hope that they can get the marketing part right this time around.

However, the next-gen LFA is still an idea pending for creation at the moment hence it will be many years before we can start seeing details on the vehicle surfacing online.