Lexus LS F May Do Insane Styling Some Justice

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A couple of years ago, Lexus revolutionize the design of their cars and the result is an overly-aggressive appearance that can be seen on their production vehicles today.

This new design language is something many found hard to accept because they are overly sporty and it doesn’t match the conservative performance offered by Lexus’ vehicles. The good news here is that Lexus has promised more performance cars in the near future and it may do the styling some justice.

We have already seen its application on the LC F concept and now, we are about to witness it on the LS F. The latter is expected to make its first public appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show and reports are claiming that the car will have more than 600hp to offer.

The best part here is that you can already get a rough idea on how the LS F looks like. A leak, photo taken from a Japanese magazine, has made its way online and the design is easy on the eye because we know the LS F will rely on a powerful V8.

If only Lexus realized that the sharp front styling does not reflect well on their eco-mills, they wouldn’t have offered an aggressive design on all of their vehicles. Here’s to hoping for an awesome LS F.