LG V30S: Cuts Premium Extras To Only $60!

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Most flagship phones today are offered in multiple variants and there is always that one version that is packed with greater hardware technicalities than the original product.

For these phones, they tend to have greater RAM count and they are often priced $100-$150 more than the model they are based on. We brought this up because LG is about to bring out an overpowered version of the V30 but they are not planning to charge a premium for it.

The V30S is largely similar to the V30 aside from the fact that it has 2GB of extra RAM and 64GB of storage. LG initially planned to sell the phone for $930 but after getting negative feedback from the crowd, they have changed the sticker price to only $730.

This is a massive $200 drop from the original price point and if that is not exciting enough, the V30S is going to cost a mere $60 more than the V30. The question is will it be able to improve on the slumping sales of LG phones?