Lincoln Continental Goes Over The Moon After Sales Boost!

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Admit it. All of us have experienced that moment where we managed to do one small thing right and we suddenly feel unstoppable before getting hit hard with reality. This is probably what Lincoln is experiencing right now after seeing a gradual increase in sales of the Continental.

Normally, a carmaker will want to keep the momentum alive by making a successful car more attractive so that they can secure a stronger position in the market. But in Lincoln’s case, they see that the Continental will shape into a long-term success.

It gets worst when Lincoln dealers started quoting things like “people are flocking to their stores to trade in a BMW 7-Series for a Continental”. This is just hard to believe unless the dealers can provide the necessary numbers.

The 7-Series is simply a leading name in the luxury market and it is eye-catchy on the roads. The same can’t be said for the Continental. Even if this is true, those BMW 7-Series owners must have traded in a very old model for the Continental. We just don’t see any other way around it.