Lotus Evora Takes One Back From Tesla

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Lotus is partly responsible for Tesla’s success as they have been providing parts and test cars to the EV manufacturer during its starting up days. Today, Tesla is fully independent and are doing ever so well whereas Lotus is still struggling to hit their monthly sales target.

So when Lotus decided to take one from Tesla, we are not surprised to see them doing so with ease. Earlier today, we came across a clip which saw the Evora relying on electric motors that are taken from the Tesla Model S.

The outcome is just fantastic as the lightness of the Evora allows a more seamless performance from the high-powered electric motors. A lot of modifications were applied to achieve this desired outcome.

The individual that made it happen sees this as just the tip of the iceberg. The success of the EV Evora basically opens up the possibility of cross-sourcing parts between Tesla and other cars.