Lotus Exige Cup: Evidence Shows A Desperate Need To Buck Up!

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One would say that Lotus is the best alternative to Porsche because its vehicles are all tailored for the best handling and track performance. The only thing separating it from Porsche is volume – something which Lotus will never get to enjoy until a major change happens.

Well, that definition has changed in our eyes because we don’t see progress being made by Lotus in the past couple of years or so. We feel that Lotus have fallen behind the meaning of being an alternative to Porsche because their products are not fast enough.

A proof of this surfaced online in the form of a video earlier today and it shows he Lotus Exige Cup 380 competing on the Nurburgring. The clip highlighted the superb handling of a Lotus car but powertrain speed has been a let-down.

For a pure exotic sports car, the Exige Cup is in the same bracket with the Honda Civic Type R instead of being up there with the likes of Cayman and the 911. Lotus is in serious need to buck up or risk losing it all.