Lotus: US Will Miss Out On All-New 3-Eleven

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It is pretty sad to be a big Lotus fan here in the US as the carmaker is facing tons of restrictions since it has failed to comply with the regulators road safety standards. Meanwhile in Europe, Lotus had just unveiled a brand new vehicle called the 3-Eleven.

Dubbed as the most powerful production car ever produced by Lotus, the 3-Eleven weighs at only 2,035 pounds and it brags 410hp. The 3-Eleven ditches the windshield and roof to achieve revolutionary lightness which only Lotus can offer.

With such a setup, the 3-Eleven can sprint from 0-60mph in just 3.3 seconds. There is also a top speed being limited at 174mph. The way we see it, the 3-Eleven can be described as a superbike on four wheels.

The unfortunate thing is that the 3-Eleven will only get produced in Europe and it is road legal. The car won’t be coming to the US unless it becomes 10” higher off the ground, have mandated bumpers and side curtain airbags, among other things.