Manual Gearbox Anti-Theft Feature Claims A Life

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We have heard many stories about carjacking gone wrong and most of them are caused by a traditional manual gearbox. It confirms that most thieves today are unable to drive with a stick and they will give up on the act of stealing upon finding it out during an attempt to carjack.

Unfortunately for one individual, he was killed by a vicious thief who can’t drive manual. Pedro Aguilar, 47, was in his car on the street in front of his house before he was confronted by the thieves.

The two men are described to be in their early 20s attempted to carjack Pedro’s car before realizing that they can’t engage the vehicle into driving due to it being a manual-driven car. It angered the thieves and led to one of them shooting Pedro.

The victim was pronounced date at the scene of the crime and the whole incident was witnessed by his wife and 10-year old daughter. It was an ugly happening and police are no on the lookout for the killer.