Maserati Ghibli Destroyed In Latest Roasting!

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If you are handed $85,000 to spend on a nice car, please don’t ever consider the latest Maserati Ghibli. This is because the vehicle is a disaster of a supposedly luxurious performance vehicle and we now have evidence to support this claim.

Popular reviewer Doug DeMuro had just released his in-depth take on the Ghibli and he didn’t shy away from blasting every weak point on the vehicle.

For the amount of money spent, the Ghibli is just not good enough on the performance front when compared to the competition. Then there is the fact that the Ghibli’s interior is trying to be too clever that it don’t see sustainable in the long run. The infotainment system, seats and AC system is just too complex that it won’t age well, especially when knowing that Maserati is really poor in reliability.

For the full details on the weak points of the Ghibli, you can check out the clip below. The bottom line is that the Ghibli is one of those cars which we are convinced you should not consider getting, no matter how tempting Maserati’s logo is.