Mazda 3 Can Still Destroy Honda Civic Type-R

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The Mazda 3 is one of the world’s most popular compact cars and it is easy to understand why. The vehicle is rated highly for the balance in power and fuel economy which it has to offer, all while being affordable to own.

If there is one thing missing in the Mazda 3 line-up, it is a performance-oriented trim. Mazda used to offer the Mazdaspeed 3 but the vehicle has gone extinct for a long while now. However, after seeing rival Honda Civic getting a lot of praises for the Si and Type-R trim, Mazda may be tempted to return to the performance scene.

This is something which the rumors are claiming to happen when they revealed that the next-gen Mazdaspeed 3 is in the works. The upcoming model is also said to come with a powerful turbocharged 2L engine that can develop 300hp.

With such a setup, the future Mazdaspeed 3 can really give the Honda Civic Type-R a big fight. But of course, things are often hot and cold in Mazda’s camp hence it is best to take the above with a grain of salt.