Mazda 6 Turbo Can’t Handle Manual Because They Can’t Afford It!

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The Mazda 6 Turbo was one of the highlights at the recent LA Auto Show and many can’t wait to check out how the vehicle performs in person.

Unlike the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord, the Mazda 6 Turbo promises a more engaging driving experience without losing out on fuel economy and comfort.

This basically explains why Mazda has decided to equipped the Mazda 6 with a 2.5L turbocharged mill but this comes with one questionable decision – automatic transmission. The turbocharged Mazda 6 is only offered with automatics and there is no chance for a manual at all.

An engineer from Mazda explained that it is because the mill can make 5,500rpm feel like it’s the redline hence there is no need for manual to get maximum fun. Well, this is not accurate at all because Mazda once said that nothing does fun better than manuals.

A third-party automotive firm then explained that the Mazda 6 Turbo comes in a single setup to help Mazda save money. Having only one transmission option will make production less complex thus leading to more savings from cheaper production.

Besides, there is no certainty on how well manuals will sell and it does not look good based on sales of current manual-powered vehicles. Mazda can’t afford any financial blips with the Mazda 6 since they don’t have the financial strength of a Honda or Toyota.