Mazda Confirms More Cringe-Worthy Vehicles By 2018

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While most of us are interested to see the return of the RX-Series and the Mazdaspeed nameplate, Mazda is more passionate about producing some cringe-worthy vehicles.

Mazda revealed earlier today that they are hoping to launch two new 4-door SUV Coupe by 2018. One of them will be the CX-4 and the other is expected to be the CX-6. Both vehicles will feature a sloping roofline, 4 doors and the Kodo design language.

If you are a huge fan of SUVs, then you are probably wondering why we refer to the above as cringe-worthy vehicles. Well, it is actually the term used by the majority of the car enthusiasts.

Apparently, they hated the fact that coupes have been redefined and the term can now be applied on SUVs. It is things like this that makes the enthusiasts cringe.