Mazda CX-7 To Return With Pure American IDs?

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There was once a time where Mazda had the CX-7 in its US line-up but the crossover wasn’t able to make it past 2012. Well, the axing of the CX-7 now looks to be a temporary decision as new reports are claiming that the vehicle will be making its return by 2020.

The reports made their claims based on Mazda’s recent announcements on their goals in the US market. Mazda revealed that they have decided on building a new crossover and it will be one that is made exclusively for the US-only.

It will be much like how the CX-4 is for China and the CX-8 for Japan. Mazda went on to share that the US-exclusive crossover will be slotted between the CX-5 and the CX-9. Judging from Mazda’s naming scheme and the exclusivity goals, it is highly likely for the upcoming crossover to be called the CX-7.

But of course, this still requires confirmation from Mazda and all will be revealed within a couple of years from now. The only thing we can confirm at current moment is that the ‘CX-7’ will be built on a new platform, have 7 seats to offer and will run on SkyActiv-X.