Mazda Mystery SUV All-Set To Be An Off-Road Monster?

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Mazda has confirmed that they are developing a brand new SUV for the States and they quoted it to be very different from their current offerings.

This means that the mystery SUV will be nothing like the CX-3, XC-5 and the CX-9. Knowing that Mazda once had the CX-7 in the US, speculations have begun claiming that the upcoming SUV will be feeling in for the vehicle.

While this may sound plausible, another set of rumours suggest that the mystery SUV will be an off-road-tailored vehicle that is derived from the BT-50. The latter is a pickup truck that isn’t sold here in the US but knowing that it has a decent off-road ability makes this particular claim looking likely to happen.

Between the two speculations, we feel that the off-road outcome stands a greater chance of coming true as having an all-terrain SUV will make it different from Mazda’s traditional offerings. What do you think?