Mazda Unbothered By EV & Hybrid Uprising!

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Japanese carmaker, Mazda, is one of the few major automotive brands that have yet to offer the world a mass-market electric/hybrid vehicle and they are not concerned about it all.

Mazda revealed in an interview earlier today that developing a hybrid powertrain or an EV is something they are not interested in at the moment before warning us against expecting a green electric car coming out in the near future.

Things got more spiced up when Mazda said that they are not planning to pick-up the electric trend and will prefer the ICE ways until the situation becomes impossible.

This must’ve have something to do with Toyota, which Mazda knows can supply them with a good electric setup for their cars whenever a request is placed. Mazda and Toyota have worked together countless times hence there is no need to rush on the development of electric vehicles.

Mazda concluded by saying that the declining ICE market will only take out their competition before promoting what the SkyActiv-X is capable of.