Mazda vs General Motors: The Lesser Of Two Evils Is…

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If automotive evil is a label used on bad car commercials, then GM and Mazda would be fitting of it. General Motors is most notorious for its ‘Real People, Not Actors’ way of marketing their vehicles and the consumers are able to see through it.

Even so, GM continues to overuse the same commercial strategy to promote their cars. What’s worst about it is that Mazda is now practicing the same method for their cars.

The Japanese brand released a new advert earlier today and it saw them promoting the CX-5 by using “Real People, Not Actors”. The only good thing about it is that the elements in the commercial are more intertwined to the CX-5.

The SUV has an upmarket cabin that can rival a low-end pure luxury model and this makes it look okay for Mazda to compare the CX-5 with the likes of Lexus and Acura. The reaction of the so-called real people is also not overdone. This gives off a more realistic feel that can be comprehended by the mind.

With that being said, we see Mazda as the lesser of the two evils. Perhaps GM should take some notes on how to do ‘Real People, Not Actors’ right.