Mazda Won’t Dive Into Self-Driving With Next Mazda3!

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It is perhaps safe to say that Mazda is one of the most stubborn carmakers around. In a world where the majority of carmakers are pushing out more electric vehicles, Mazda decided against developing a hybrid as they claim to have the ability to offer hybrid-like fuel economy with pure gasoline mills.

One would assume this to be nothing more than a marketing stunt from Mazda but the carmaker is actually dead serious about it. Mazda revealed that they will prove their point when they launch the next-gen Mazda3 with SkyActiv-X and HCCI. The setup will allow the Mazda3 to develop more power while also returning Toyota Prius-like fuel economy numbers.

Another thing about the Mazda3 is that it won’t come out with any autonomous technology. Mazda announced earlier today that their research shows a vast number of people still wanting to drive and they will ensure that their creations will be tailored for drivers.

While the self-driving future is inevitable, Mazda said that they will still spare a lot of thoughts for drivers when the time comes for them to offer self-driving technology. This is a great move from Mazda and we sure hope it is not empty talks from the carmaker.