Mazda6 Looking At Coupes To Destroy VW Arteon!

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Affordable 4-door coupes are lacking in choices and this has allowed Volkswagen to dominate the segment. For many years, the VW CC has catered to the masses and this role has now been filled by the all-new Arteon.

But then again, the Arteon is unlikely to get an easy path to becoming the most dominant 4-door coupe because Mazda has teased on the development of a rival vehicle.

It all happened a couple of years ago when Mazda released a sketch on their Instagram account that pinpoints on the development of a coupe based on the Mazda6. Towards the end of last year, a concept model was unveiled and it signifies the nearing arrival of the Mazda6 Coupe.

If the car is to come out by the end of this year with SkyActiv-X intact and a pleasing performance to offer, we don’t see why the Mazda6 Coupe can’t take the limelight away from the Arteon. Are you excited?