Mazda6 Wants To Spoil VW Arteon’s Party!

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For decades already, Volkswagen has dominated the affordable 4-door coupe market and this is due to the lack of competition in the scene. This has given the Volkswagen CC a free pass in sales and now, the Arteon is hoping for a similar experience in the market.

The Arteon is the successor to the CC and it has already attracted a large number of buyers. But before Volkswagen can smile on their commute to the bank, they should look at Mazda because the Japanese company is threatening the Arteon’s sales spree through multiple teasers of a 4-door coupe that is based on the Mazda6.

The first tease came out a couple of years ago through an Instagram post from MazdaUSA. The post basically shows a sketch of a 4-door coupe-like sedan with a lot of Mazda6 vibes to it. This has led many to speculate that there will be a 4-door coupe variant of the Mazda’s flagship vehicle.

Earlier this year, the speculations amplified further after Mazda brought out a new coupe concept before teasing on its potential production. This was followed by a shocking decision from Mazda to offer a turbocharged mill with the latest Mazda6.

While nothing is official as of yet, the string of questionable decisions from Mazda makes the potential development of a 4-door coupe all the more likely to happen.