McLaren 720S: Counting Down To Dodge Demon Demise!

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They say that the devil is a liar and perhaps this is why a growing number of car fans are starting to doubt the Dodge Challenger Demon’s performance record.

Back when Dodge unveiled the Challenger Demon, the mentioned that the car can complete a quarter-mile run in about 9.7 seconds and this makes the car the fastest, stock, road-legal vehicle around.

However, Dodge has yet to provide any video evidence on the record-breaking quarter-mile sprint and this has got many speculating that the ‘achieved’ figures are nothing more than an unproven speculation.

Dodge is now delivering the first batch of Challenger Demon and it won’t be long before we can confirm on how fast the Demon is. The pressure is piling on the muscle car from hell as McLaren’s all-new 720S has been doing the rounds eliminating the heavyweights in the performance market.

Just a month ago, a video of the 720S outpacing the Porsche 918 went viral and it somehow confirmed that the British supercar is faster. Then comes a week ago which saw the 720S turning a fight with a Lamborghini Huracan Performante into a mismatch. (You can check out the clips below)

With these demonstrations already proving the 720S’ worth, the pressure is on the Dodge Demon to show its worth. Failing to meet the expectations of the masses will only leave the Demon exposed by the McLaren 720S. Oh we can’t wait to see that happening.