McLaren 720S Loses First Race To A Mirror!

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What is there not to like about the McLaren 720S? Since the car made its debut, the 720S has stole all the headlines in the world for beating some of the industry’s finest performing vehicles.

Some example includes the video that proved that the 720S is faster than a Porsche 918 and also the clip which saw the 720S trashing a Ferrari. It is pretty clear by now that the 720S is a world beater at the moment and we can’t think of a vehicle that can outpace it on the straight line.

That was the case until today when our friends at DragTimes recorded the 720S’ first defeat and it came in the hands of another 720S.

Yes, you read that right. A second 720S was used to race the stock 720S. The competitor has been mildly upgraded with better wheels and some aerodynamic improvements. This happens to be enough for the upgraded 720S to edge past the stock 720S.