McLaren 720S Pushes Company Ahead Of Lamborghini!

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Last year, McLaren brought out the 720S and it has proved to be a revolutionary creation. Since its debut, the 720S has been compared to a number of supercars and it came out victorious in numerous duels.

However, going fast isn’t the only thing the 720S is good at as the vehicle has also piloted McLaren ahead of Lamborghini on the sales front. A report has confirmed today that McLaren has sold significantly more cars than its rivals – including Lamborghini.

The sales data covers the entire 2017 calendar and it confirms that a total of 1,234 vehicles from McLaren has been sold in the US. This is about 15 cars more than Lamborghini – a rival company that has long dominated the supercar sales scene.

If that is not exciting enough, the 720S went on a sharp incline in the early months of 2018. We are only midway through this year and it looks like McLaren is already running away with full sales glory.