McLaren 720S Spider: Does This Look Ugly?

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The newly unveiled McLaren 720S left the automotive industry in a state of awe as the vehicle promises way more power than what its predecessor, the 650S, is capable of.

The 720S is equipped with a brand new 4L twin-turbo V8 that can develop 710hp and 568ft-lbs of torque. This can allow the car to sprint from 0-60mph in about 2.8 seconds thus cementing the car’s status as an insane performer.

But despite all of the goodness that is with the 720S, many are not pleased with how the car is designed. For starters, the vehicle takes the shape of a coupe, which many felt is a terrible idea since a Spider would look nicer. Then, there is the issue with the 720S front lights which is commonly described as a sad-looking raccoon eyes.

Because of this, we have been scouring through the internet in an attempt to find a much better rendition of the 720S and that is when we came across the picture above.

Dubbed as the 720S Spider, the rendering was created by X-Tomi and it allows us to see which design configuration is better. Personally, we prefer the Spider over the coupe although we still dislike the raccoon eyes. What about you?