McLaren 720S vs P1: The Million Dollar 0.1 Second Difference!

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Ever since McLaren launched the 720S, the car has been at the epicentre for everything performance. Reviewers never stopped comparing the 720S to another sports car and this cannot be avoided because of the 720S’ surprisingly low calling price.

Yesterday, we dug deep when comparing the 720S with the more insane McLaren P1 in an attempt to find out how big the difference is between the two vehicles and here’s what we found.

True enough, the P1 is the more powerful car as the complex hybrid setup it runs on can develop 737hp. This is about 27hp more than the 720S but it is worth noting that the P1 is also about 250lbs heavier than the latest vehicle from McLaren.

These numbers should not be taken for literal because major reviewers have claimed that the 720S has 690hp on the wheels. If we assume a 10% drivetrain loss for the 720S, we could be looking at an output of 760hp on the crank although this is unlikely to be true.

When it comes to performance records, the 720S has the ability to finish a quarter-mile in about 9.9 seconds with a peak speed of 148mph. The P1 is still the faster car as it can do a quarter at 9.8 seconds with a speed of 152mph. With the P1 having more power, it can pull a lot further than the 720S – without a doubt.

But with just these figures above, we can conclude by saying that the P1 is only but 0.1 seconds faster than the 720S. If you keep in mind that the former costs about $1.3 million as opposed to $300,000 for the 720S, we are looking at a $1 million calling fee for an extra split second.