McLaren Anti-SUV Sentiment Is Not As Salty As Ferrari, Lamborghini!

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The past decade has witnessed a surge in SUVs and it has led a number of exotic carmakers into picking up the trend. Some examples include Lamborghini which had just launched the Urus and Ferrari that will be showing off their first ever SUV next year.

Both brands were loud in the past about not joining the SUV bandwagon but they eventually went back on their words in favor of the vast profit potential. Now, McLaren has come out to sing the same tunes and it is that they won’t be creating an SUV.

Many have taken this with loads of salt after hearing about Lamborghini and Ferrari but we feel that McLaren is speaking the truth. This is solely because of the fact the McLaren is a standalone company that does not answer to anyone’s call.

Lamborghini belongs to the Volkswagen Group and they also had SUVs in their early days hence we don’t find it surprising to see the company reversing its exotic ways to develop SUVs. As for Ferrari, the brand now answers to shareholders and this explains the sudden move to develop an SUV.

McLaren is privately-owned and this is why their claim about not joining the SUV trend should not be taken lightly.