McLaren Brewing A BMW M8 GTE Killer?

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One of the most anticipated cars right now is the BMW M8 GTE and this is due to vehicle’s performance prospects. BMW has said before that the M8 GTE may end up being the fastest car they have ever produced and many are interested to see the vehicle responding to the Mercedes-AMG Project One.

Well, before the M8 GTE can lock its eyes on its rival, the car should look at its tail because McLaren is apparently working on a counter for the M8 GTE.

A spy shot of an unknown McLaren prototype highlights on a hyper GT in development and it is likely for the car to be McLaren’s next flagship. Bearing the codename BP23, many are speculating it to be the successor to the latest P1.

No details on the car are out yet but that did not stop the spy photographers from predicting the car’s future. It was mentioned that the BP23 will look to prey on the BMW M8 GTE, as well as other vehicles in the same spectrum. We can expect the full details to surface soon.