McLaren Says No To SUVs, Unlike Ferrari

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SUVs and EVs are two huge trends in the current automotive scene, and it has even tempted the likes of Ferrari to board the train. For McLaren, they are still uninterested in producing a performance SUV but when it comes to electric vehicles, they have changed their stance.

The British carmaker revealed that they won’t be hopping on the SUV trend at all. As for EVs, it is a field which they are interested in and there is bound to be an electric-powered McLaren coming out in the future to come.

McLaren merely wants to preserve the tradition of producing 2-seater sports cars hence having to stand against SUVs. EVs and hybrids however, can blend well with a 2-seater sports car.

The thing here is that rival carmaker Ferrari made the same statement a couple of years ago but they end up going against their words to develop the FUV. So, will it be safe to assume that McLaren will eventually go against their words?

The answer for this is no and this is because McLaren is a standalone carmaker – not like Ferrari. It is also worth noting that Ferrari makes front-engine cars while McLaren don’t, simple as that. To build an SUV you need to develop a front-engine platform and McLaren doesn’t have a huge resource pool.