Meet The World’s Most Powerful Nissan GT-R!

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The Nissan GT-R won’t be getting a successor anytime soon and this is despite of the fact that the car has aged to borderline expiration.

With the competition already caught up with the GT-R’s performance capabilities, there is a clear need for a more powerful version to get developed but that isn’t happening until Nissan is done with their priorities.

The good news here is that there are many tuners around that can help the GT-R becoming faster than ever and among them is Alpha Queen. The firm has actually completed an upgrade package for the GT-R and it will see the car pumping out a whopping 3,300hp.

This is, by far, the biggest power figure we have ever seen on the GT-R and it gets more exciting when you learned that the Alpha Queen’s GT-R has got a top speed of 228MPH.

With such numbers, the tuned GT-R is easily the world’s most powerful model yet and you can check it out in greater detail through the video below.