Mercedes A-Class Sedan vs CLA-Class: Two-Of-A-Kind?

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It is official. The next-gen Mercedes-Benz A-Class will be sold alongside a sedan variant hence bringing up a major question – where does this leave the CLA-Class? It simply won’t make sense to have two vehicles from the same segment competing alongside one another.

We are pretty sure Mercedes is aware of the situation but the lack of clarification on the matter strongly suggests that the CLA-Class will be sold alongside the A-Class Sedan here in the US. If that is going to be the case, what will be the goal of each car?

If you are to compare the latest CLA-Class with the upcoming A-Class sedan, you will have a tough time spotting the differences because they are too similar to each other. The outer design is 90% identical across the two cars, although we have to say that the A-Class edges it thanks to having a sportier fit.

Inside the cabin, it is the A-Class Sedan that promises greater comfort as it will come with higher quality materials like those on the E-Class. The CLA-Class is still pretty basic in the cabin and it is strongly against Mercedes’ luxurious tradition.

If the price difference across the two vehicles is going to be under $5,000, we would gladly recommend getting the A-Class Sedan because the car is not going to be an entry-level luxury vehicle. It is more accurate to call the A-Class Sedan as a scaled down E-Class.

Meanwhile, the CLA-Class is likely to be the cheaper choice aimed at consumers that simply wants to have a three-pointed star in the garage without much financial stress.