Mercedes-AMG A45: Why 2 Years Of Wait Is Worth It

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The latest Mercedes-AMG A45 may be the most attractive luxury sports hatch in the world but we would recommend you to wait for the next-gen model rather than splurging on the current car.

This cannot be helped as a remark made by a Mercedes-AMG CEO earlier today confirmed that the next-gen model will be coming out with way more power to offer.

Tobias Moers revealed that the company is hungry for new titles hence they want to use the next-gen A45 AMG to become the fastest sports hatch manufacturer in history. While the official figures are not confirmed yet, Tobias did share on the application of a new 2L engine that will come with an electric turbine.

This will give the next-gen A45 AMG the potential to develop over 405hp, which is pretty insane in the sports luxury hatchback segment. But of course, the next-gen A45 AMG won’t be making its debut until 2019.