Mercedes: AMG Cars Leaving Benz In Its Shadows

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Mercedes is a luxury carmaker that is now more popular in the performance department. This cannot be helped as the AMG-tailored cars released in recent years have all received superb ratings from the public.

This is resulting in many looking at Mercedes-AMG more than the ordinary Mercedes-Benz. Google Search counter proves this point when it confirmed on more searches made for Mercedes-AMG than Mercedes-Benz.

As it stands right now, there are 34 different Mercedes-AMG cars and the numbers are expected to touch 42 by the end of this year. The most popular model of them all is the C43 AMG, which is a more powerful version of the ordinary C-Class.

At this rate, Mercedes is bound to become the leading name in the premium performance market. But of course, saying that the Benz cars are no longer attractive enough is wrong because they too have been increasing in volume. It’s just that more attention is being given to Mercedes-AMG.