Mercedes-AMG E63 Turns Into The Toyota Of Performance Luxuries

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Back in the early-2000s, Mercedes did the unthinkable when they launched the E55 AMG. The E-Class-based sports car is packed with so much power to offer and it became a performance benchmark for luxury cars in that period of time.

The E55 AMG is more than ten years old today but the car is showing no signs of dying at all. One E55 AMG was spotted in the used market with 402,000 miles and it got passed to the dyno to measure power loss. Amazingly, the E55 is able to retain 90% of its power despite of the mileage and age of the vehicle.

Those that are aware of this are now having a new positive perception towards the newer E63 AMG and they believe that the car is more bulletproof than the E55 AMG. If so, then it is perhaps right to call the E63 AMG the Toyota of performance luxuries.