Mercedes-AMG GT Pushed Past 577hp AMG GT R

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The AMG GT’s production is still far from over as Mercedes is developing a more powerful variant that is dubbed as the Black Edition. The upcoming car will have way more power to offer than what is available today but this is not to say that the existing AMG GT is not fast at all.

If you can’t hold your excitement for the Black Edition, you can proceed to getting the ordinary GT and still enjoy power figures that are above the 577hp mark.

In detail, Orange County’s Dime Research Development has developed a tuning package for the Mercedes-AMG GT that can ditch the 577hp figures for the more insane 745hp. But of course, it won’t be cheap to apply as you will have to pay $150,200 to enjoy the extra ponies.

This is about $20,000 more than the GT S but it is not so bad if you are to consider that the price is still lower than the Acura NSX and of course, the range topping Mercedes-AMG GT-R.