Mercedes-AMG GT R: Black Series Wants To Dominate BMW Competition Package

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All the attention is on the Mercedes-AMG Project One at the moment but this does not mean the company has moved on from the current crop of cars.

We can confirm this today after Mercedes-AMG revealed that the GT R will be getting an update very soon from now. The update will see the GT R getting the Black Series moniker and this translates to more speed.

Mercedes-AMG quoted that the Black Series makeover will be applied to the GT R and it will bring out maximum power potential with the car. The GT R is already a fast car in its own rights hence we can’t imagine the power that comes with the Black Series Edition.

The details are not available at the moment and the only thing we know thus far is that the GT R Black Series is targeting more than 600hp. We don’t know about you but it sure sounds like the Black Series is made as a response to the Competition Package from BMW.