Mercedes-Benz CLS vs AMG GT Coupe: Spot The Difference!

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It’s typical for German luxury carmakers to utilize a single recipe to develop a large number of vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to this method and you can see that most of their production cars are too similar to one another with the exception of measurements.

Today, we can add to the list of cloning from Mercedes and it is with the newly launched CLS and the AMG GT 4-Door Coupe. Both vehicles actually made an appearance at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show and we had a tough time telling them apart.

It doesn’t help seeing that the shape, design and interior finish are 90% similar across the two vehicles. Both resemble a W213, which is again resembling the W222 but with different vents. Same steering wheels (although the AMG has new race buttons), same screens, same air vents, same door panels and the centre console is pretty bland.

So after performing an extensive observation on the AMG GT Coupe, we discovered that the car has got a more hatchback finish due to the removal of a trunk that is prominent on the CLS. Well, that is all we can get when finding the separating factor between the AMG GT Coupe and the CLS.