Mercedes-Benz Concept A Would Do Better Against BMW M2

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The BMW M2 may not be the fastest luxury compact performance car but this is not stopping the consumers from adopting the car. Aside from getting the BMW badge, the consumers can also enjoy a punchy performance and also the premium looks of a BMW.

As such, we can’t help but to hope for Mercedes-Benz to consider a coupe version of the Concept A. The Concept A is already good-looking and seeing it with two doors can open up a new rivalry with the BMW M2.

It is not only us that is wishing for the Concept A Coupe dream to come true. Aksyonov Nikita is also hoping for something similar as well. The popular concept artist went a step ahead when he decided to pen down the Concept A with two doors rather than four doors.

The result is as pictured above and we really see it as a classy luxury vehicle that can outdo the M2 in terms of styling. What do you think? Should a 2-door Concept A happen?