Mercedes-Benz GLC: Audi Q5 What? BMW X3 Who?

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Mercedes-Benz GLC. If you have not heard the name, it is about time you start learning more about the vehicle. This is because the GLC is the dominating name in the segment it competes in.

To further prove this point, Mercedes revealed earlier today that the GLC has touched a new milestone. Mercedes confirmed earlier today that they had just produced the one millionth GLC and this is an amazing achievement for the German carmaker.

To put things into context, the GLC is now marginally ahead of the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 on the sales front. The GLC’s pace of sales will further push its lead over its rivals.

Even BMW still has a lot to do if it wants the X3 to keep up with the GLC. Until that happens, we don’t see the GLC sweating about sales in the near future.