Mercedes-Benz GLS: When G-Wagon Is Too Husky For You!

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So you are a fan of the Mercedes G-Wagon but refuses to buy the vehicle out of fear that you will miss out on the luxuries which Mercedes is famous for. The solution to this is simple. It is for you to look at the all-new GLS Grand Edition instead of the G-Wagon.

Despite belonging in the same G-family, the GLS Grand Edition offers a superb SUV experience like the G-Wagon and with the best-in-class luxuries on board. The only setback with the GLS Grand Edition is that you won’t be able to tackle the rough terrains since the vehicle is not made for the off-road.

Mercedes-Benz pulled the curtains of the GLS Grand Edition earlier today and we were left amazed at the sight of the car. This cannot be helped as the SUV really emphasize on luxuries through the application of 20-inch, 10-spoke alloy wheels with black and silver painted elements.

The GLS Grand Edition rightfully uses the word Grand in its name and this is why you should give it some serious consideration. The GLS Grand Edition will become available for purchase soon.