Mercedes-Benz & Porsche Congratulates BMW On 100th Anniversary

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Yesterday was a very special day for BMW as the company celebrates its 100th anniversary in the automotive industry. What made the day extra special are the remarks made by rival carmakers Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

Both carmakers paid a lump sum of money for an advertisement slot on a mainstream German newspaper. Instead of promoting their cars in their respective advertisements, both Mercedes-Benz and Porsche went out to congratulate BMW on their historical day.

Mercedes-Benz simply said thanks for the 100 years of competition. Mercedes added that the first 30 years of their campaign was somewhat dull without having BMW around.

As for Porsche, they revealed that the future presents them with great challenges and they face them with sheer driving pleasure. Porsche capped things off by bowing to 100 years of moving automobile history and wholeheartedly congratulates BMW on the jubilee.