Mercedes-Benz SLK Had Just Made Tesla Richer

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What you’re looking at above is an aftermath of a crash involving a Mercedes-Benz and a Tesla shop. The crash took place in San Francisco and it brought out a lot of jokes.

One individual commented that the old SLK was trying to show Tesla the power that comes with Mercedes car and the result is a mess. The lad was referencing the driver, who happened to floor the accelerator out of panic after driving through a curb.

For us, we prefer to see it as the SLK making Tesla richer. Knowing that Tesla does not have a dealer network, the showroom is completely owned by them. The obvious says that Tesla will be getting a handsome payout from insurance. Perhaps Mercedes is donating to Tesla so that the EV giant fan offer better luxuries with their cars.

All jokes aside, it is good to know that the driver of the SLK managed to escape the crash with mild injuries. Would it he right to say that the Tesla showroom saved the day?