Mercedes-Benz To Follow BMW Straight-6 Trend?

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BMW may have lost ground against Mercedes-Benz on the sales front in recent years but it does not mean that their cars are bad. Sure, the performance vehicles from BMW may not be the fastest around but the driving pleasure they offer is second to none.

This is partly owed to the fact that BMW has been favouring a straight-6 engine over V6s as they are much better on the performance end. Furthermore, the straight-6 setup help BMW save more cash by making engine bay production more efficient than ever.

Now, it looks like rival Mercedes-Benz is hoping to pick-up the trend for their cars. It was reported that Mercedes has approved the development of new straight-6 engines for the near future although the reason for the approval is not because of BMW.

Mercedes explained that inline-4 engines are now a norm in the luxury automotive scene unlike how they were a decade ago hence having an inline-6 over a V6 would make better sense.

The first new inline-6 from Mercedes is expected to get unveiled within a year from now and it is also tipped to debut on Mercedes’ 2020 cars.