Mercedes-Benz X-Class: Acura Should Give Ridgeline A Shot!

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Acura is not doing very well at the moment after recording consistent losses on the sales front but it can make a comeback if it ever decides to develop something extra exciting. Our idea of exciting is a luxury pickup truck, which is bound to turn into a trendy thing once Mercedes-Benz launches the X-Class.

The latter is scheduled to make its debut later this year and it will have the structure of a Nissan Navara but the luxuries and styling cues that is original from Mercedes. Performance too will be smooth and powerful like Mercedes’ other vehicle and this may have a strong appeal in the luxury market.

With the X-Class being the only luxury pickup truck that is coming out this year, we feel that it is only right for Acura to give the vehicle that much needed competition. Acura has already expressed their interest in the X-Class and they are monitoring the reception before making a decision.

If all goes well, Acura can easily call upon the Honda Ridgeline and refine the vehicle for the luxury market. We can’t help but imagine a luxurious looking Ridgeline that runs on SH-AWD and some interesting powertrain options.

The way we see it, this is more exciting than what Acura is currently offering and it can pave the way for a comeback from the carmaker. What do you think? Should Acura take a shot at the Mercedes X-Class?