Mercedes-Benz X-Class Calls Out Acura Ridgeline

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We are months away from the arrival of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class and we can’t wait to meet the vehicle in person. This is because the X-Class is going to start on a new segment – luxury pickup trucks. The fact that the X-Class is the only pickup truck of its kind further piqued our interest on the vehicle.

But then again, recent sightings of the X-Class suggests that the vehicle is not as exciting as it sounds, especially when it still looks too much like an ordinary pickup truck. The X-Class retains the shape of a normal midsized ute and the fact that it is wrapped under thick camouflage prevents us from seeing the luxury side of the vehicle.

As such, we feel that it won’t be too hard for Acura to bring out a competitor for the X-Class. All Acura have to do is to get parent company Honda to lend them the Ridgeline. Following that, Acura can change the drivetrain to SH-AWD before adding some luxuries on-board.

Acura has already said that they have interest in competing with the X-Class but they would prefer to wait and see how the luxury pickup truck is received by the public.