Mercedes-Benz X-Class: Can Acura Ridgeline Keep Up?

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Acura is not doing very well at this period of time and they are aware that new products are needed to make a comeback in the market. While Acura has yet to provide any interesting highlights on the future to come, they did manage to tease about the possibility of developing a luxury pickup truck.

The idea came right after Mercedes-Benz confirmed that they are working on a midsized pickup known as the X-Class. Knowing that pickup trucks often strikes gold in the market, Acura admitted that they are following the X-Class closely and see if there is truly an opportunity for utes in the luxury market.

If all looks good, Acura will stick to their battle strategy and that is to adopt a vehicle from parent company Honda before giving it a luxury makeover. Obviously, the carmaker will be adopting the Ridgeline but can that idea threaten the X-Class?

It is hard to tell at the moment, especially when the X-Class is not even out yet but after seeing the spy shots surrounding the luxury pickup truck from Mercedes, Acura will have a lot to do if they want to compete against the vehicle.

This cannot be helped as the X-Class will come with a unique luxurious styling despite having the structure of a common pickup truck. The cabin is loaded with the same level of comfort as any other vehicles from Mercedes. Hence the question, can the Acura Ridgeline keep up?