Mercedes-Benz X-Class Gets Last Laugh Over Haters!

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It is not often do we get to see a luxury carmaker producing a pickup truck and this explains why many were quick to check out what the all-new Mercedes-Benz X-Class has to offer.

Well, there is a mixed reaction from the crowd on the X-Class and the loud ones are those with a negative judgement on the vehicle. These folks blasted the X-Class for not being a true pickup truck or even true to Mercedes typical offerings.

The negativity is built based on written details of the X-Class and they can be debunked by test driving the vehicle yourself. We have shared with you before on a thorough review of the X-Class that was conducted by a firm in Europe and we can confirm that the pickup truck is fully off-road capable.

Does it drive like a typical Mercedes? The answer is no and this is due to the rugged setup built on Nissan’s core and also because of the Renault engine. However, you can appreciate the typical Mercedes cabin design and interior refinements on the X-Class.

Today, Mercedes can actually choose to come out and have the biggest last laugh of their life because the X-Class is proven to be a hit. Official sales figures are not out yet but reports are indicating that the X-Class is moving like hotcakes in Europe.

It is also worth noting that Europe automotive market has experienced a 19% incline in pickup truck sales with the UK sitting at the top of the charts and Germany acting as a runner-up market.

The X-Class came out at a time where demand for pickups are booming in Europe and this will certainly serve Mercedes well.