Mercedes-Benz X-Class: No Off-Road, No Party!

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The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is either a hit or a miss and this depends on how you perceive the pickup truck. If you are the sort that puts value ahead of everything, then the X-Class may not be the vehicle for you and this is because its price tag is twice that of the pickup truck it is based on – the Nissan Navara.

We are not saying that the X-Class is completely bad value-wise. We just don’t think that the features which the X-Class offers do not justify the doubling of the Navara’s price tag.

The other mistake which we made with the X-Class is that we perceive the vehicle as a luxury pickup truck that offers a high level of comfort and a refined driving ability that is typical of a Mercedes.

Well, this is not accurate at all because the X-Class is not that. Mercedes mentioned that the X-Class will be purely a pickup truck with some elements of luxury and the vehicle filled the role pretty well with some glorious off-road ability and payload capacity.

On the road however, the X-Class is far behind the Mercedes SUVs in terms of comfort and driving ability. This makes the X-Class not your typical Mercedes and you can learn more about it in the thoroughly detailed video below.