Mercedes Cars To Get Cheaper In Australia? We Don’t Think So…

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Being a luxury brand, it is easy to understand why the cars from Mercedes-Benz are really expansive to own and we can say that anyone with the cash wouldn’t mind owning a Mercedes.

This is perhaps why the folks in Australia are celebrating because it has been suggested that the cars from Mercedes-Benz are about to get a lot cheaper come 2020.

Mercedes-Benz revealed in an interview earlier today that they predict the luxury car tax in Australia to get abolished in 2020 and it got many speculating that prices of entry-level models like the C-Class and the CLA-Class will turn into affordable cars.

Well, we personally don’t see that happening at all because we feel that Mercedes will be the only one celebrating from the tax break. Mercedes will definitely reduce the price of their cars but the margin will be minimal as the carmaker can look into extending their profit margin.

But of course, this is not for certain as our prediction goes down to the fact that Mercedes is a profit-driven brand just like any other carmaker. Whether they will truly settle for significant price cut or maximize revenue from the tax abolishment is a question that remains to be answered.