Mercedes CLA-Class vs A-Class Sedan: All Doom & Gloom?

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Ask any Mercedes purist and they will openly admit that the CLA-Class is one of the worst vehicles Mercedes has ever produced.

This can be surprising for some because the CLA-Class is one of the bestselling vehicles here in the US but the fact that it lacks the true ability of a Mercedes makes it look like an obvious cash-grab attempt from the company.

We can’t help but to agree with this because our experience with the CLA-Class has been underwhelming when compared to other vehicles from Mercedes. To keep it brief, the CLA-Class feels like any ordinary sedan that has the illusion of being luxurious due to the Mercedes badge. The interior is fairly weak by Mercedes’ standards and the performance is non-engaging at all.

Mercedes may have suggested that the CLA-Class is meant for the US due to the market being deprived of the A-Class. Well, the next-gen A-Class will be coming out next-year and it will arrive with a sedan form for the global market. Based on the Concept A Sedan, the vehicle will act as an alternative to the CLA-Class and it will be made for the global market.

This can be positive if the A-Class Sedan is to adopt the same level of luxuries with the standard A-Class. On the other hand, it can turn out to be a disaster for the Mercedes purist if the A-Class Sedan is to be no better than the CLA-Class.