Mercedes EQ-Class May Snub Prolific For Buick!

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Buick is a really popular premium carmaker here in the US and China but despite all the goodness that comes with their cars, Buick is rated poorly on the design front.

Many can agree that the vehicles produced by Buick are boring on the styling front so when Mercedes-Benz suddenly unveiled a concept that carries a similar characteristic, we can’t help but cringe all over it.

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We are talking about the newly unveiled Concept-A Sedan that took the stage at the ongoing Shanghai Auto Show. The concept was built with the caption “the time of creases is over”. The result is a really dull appearance and one that will only destroy Mercedes’ luxurious status if produced.

Mercedes never provided any details on the purpose of the Concept A but that did not stop the rumors from claiming it to be the potential shell for Mercedes’ future high-volume EV car, the EQ-Class.

Whether this is going to be the outcome remains to be answered and we really hope that it won’t be the case. What about you?