Mercedes EQ-Class To Electrify Frankfurt!

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Here’s a prediction. Those that will be attending the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show next month will leave the event brain-fried from over-exposure to electricity.

This cannot be helped as many carmakers have pledged to unveil an electric vehicle at Frankfurt and most of the spotlight is n Mercedes-Benz.

The German company confirmed earlier today that it will be all clean, green and electric at Frankfurt as three of the vehicles which they are bringing will have zero carbon emission.

The first is the EQ-Class, which is slated to arrive next year and assume the role of the first pure EV from Mercedes. Then there is the Project One hypercar that is developed with hybrid technology. Last but not least is a completely new GLC-Class that draws power from a hydrogen-fueled FCEV powertrain.

All three vehicles have big goals to achieve in the future hence their appearance at Frankfurt will paint a clear picture on what to expect from each model. Are you excited?